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Donna Bramall

Donna is a recycling artist, her history includes using a wide variety of everyday waste materials, metal objects, tyres, plastics and cardboard to create one off sculptures and large installations.

These pieces have been exhibited all over the uk and won numerous awards. Donna's work is often humerous, quirky + full of charm, sometimes a little dark. Her true passion now lives through the usage of reclaimed stained glass. This she aquires from vintage, art deco style window panels or broken salvaged church windows.

The sheer beauty of old glass is a joy to behold, the imperfections are what makes it perfect to her, little airbubbles, makers marks where it has been hand rolled, exquisite pigment kiln fired patterns are simply magical. Donna is facinated by myths and fairytales, folklore and legends which often reflect in her work.

This in turn marries well with historical factor of the antique glass. what secrets does the old window hold ? what has it witnessed ? we can never know for sure but Donna likes to imagine it, and create work which lets us all have a sneak peek into secrets of her glass window world.